Get funding from State of California to train your employees!

Since 1983, State of California’s Employment Training Panel ( has been paying California companies to offset the cost of employee training. California employers pay into the system by paying $7.00 as Employment Training Tax for each employee on an annual basis. California companies have been paying this tax since 1983, the year ETP was formed. ETP disburses these funds to companies to pay for employee training. This is one of the rare occasions when you see a direct return on taxes paid. Your company is already spending time and effort training its employees. So why not get paid for it?

Why Saisoft?

Since 2003, Saisoft has been a training provider in 24 ETP contracts worth over $14M. With over fourteen years of experience of successfully winning and executing ETP contracts, Saisoft wants to put its expertise to work for your company. California companies who have been diligently paying the Employment Training Tax deserve to get training funds to improve their employees’ skills. Put our experience to work to get your fair share of the training dollars!

What Saisoft does to get you training funds from the State

Saisoft provides comprehensive services that run the entire lifecycle of the ETP funded project; preparing the application for funding, obtaining the funding at the Panel meeting and administering the contract in compliance with ETP regulations. Here is the detailed scope of services Saisoft performs for you:

1. Training Needs Assessment: This activity is critical in ensuring a good fit between the training needs of your company and ETP’s contract award criteria.

a. Understand how the company currently conducts employee training, its upcoming training goals and see how ETP funded training fits into the overall training plan.

b. Discuss training alternatives the company uses – in house training vs vendor delivered training. Shortlist training subjects that the State pays and exclude subjects that ETP does not fund.

c. Evaluate who, what and when of the planned training:

  • Who is the trainee population that the company needs to train.
  • What are the subjects/topics that the employees need training in.
  • What is the approximate time frame in which above training will be conducted.

2. Prepare and submit Preliminary Application: This online activity kicks off the process to apply for ETP funding.

3. Application Development and Submission: During this phase, Saisoft is busy working with you and the assigned ETP Analyst to prepare your “right sized” application that has the highest likelihood of getting approved. Our goal is to get you the most dollars you are eligible for and seek wage modifications where required.

4. Preparation for Panel Meeting: During this phase, Saisoft will work with you to go over the important areas of your application and prepare you for potential questions from the Panel.

5. Representation at the Panel Meeting: Saisoft will accompany you to the Panel Meeting and be ready to lend support in answering any questions from the Panel.

6. Contract Administration per ETP Regulations: After the contract is awarded, Saisoft provides guidance for successful record keeping of the training delivered. Further, Saisoft enters the trainee information and training hours into ETP’s online system and prepares you for periodic ETP monitoring visits. Our duties also include preparing the invoices so you get paid in a timely manner.

7. Successful contract closeout: At the end of the contract, Saisoft will review the summary of training hours and total funds earned with you. We also guide you on proper safekeeping procedures of training records.

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