Get funding from the State of Massachusetts to train your employees!
The State of Massachusetts uses its Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) to pay Massachusetts companies for employee training to increase skill levels and wages of its workforce. The Workforce Training Fund Program program assists businesses by financing the design and implementation of customized job-training projects. This fund successfully merges business needs and local customized training opportunities into a winning formula to improve the Massachusetts economy. Employers receive the grant funds (up to $250,000) to pay for the training delivered by Saisoft for current and newly hired workers.

Why Saisoft?
Since 2003, Saisoft has been delivering training under Workforce Development programs. To date, we have trained over 5000 workers from over 2000 companies. With over fourteen years of experience of successfully executing workforce development training programs, Saisoft wants to put its expertise to work for your company. Massachusetts companies who have been diligently paying their taxes deserve to get training funds to improve their employees’ skills. Put our experience to work to get your fair share of the training dollars!

What Saisoft does to get you training funds from the State
Saisoft provides comprehensive services that run the entire lifecycle of the WTFP project; working with the grant officer at the state, assisting with preparing your grant application and delivering the training. Here is the detailed scope of services Saisoft performs for you:

1. Training Needs Assessment: This activity is critical in ensuring a good fit between the training needs of your company and the grant award criteria. We understand how the company currently conducts employee training, its upcoming training goals and see how WTFP funded training fits into the overall training plan. Next, we discuss training subjects the company needs, shortlist training subjects that WTFP pays for and exclude subjects it does not fund.

2. Evaluate who, what and when of the planned training:

Who is the trainee population that the company needs to train.
What are the subjects/topics that the employees need training in.
What is the approximate time frame in which above training will be conducted.

3. Assist with developing the grant application: Saisoft facilitates the process by gathering information and clarifying the program requirements to the company.

4. Deliver the agreed upon training while meeting all WTFP regulations.

5. Assist the employer with record keeping requirements for a successful grant closeout.

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